Go Party!

A treatment by Frazer Smith

The film begins at Hollywood Park racetrack. An out-of-work actor, who is also a track-hound, is constantly loitering and betting on horses while looking for someone or something to hustle in between phone calls to his manager. The actor (Frazer Smith) and his two wacky roommates, Blitz and Howie, who are also in show business, perform a series of antics that lead to the Smith character meeting an exceedingly rich Margaret Dumont/Georgia Rosenbloom-type Beverly Hills matron, who, on a tip from Smith, proceeds to win the Daily Double equivalent — and collect a tidy sum of money.

In return, this lady, being rather eccentric and feeling the need to repay the boys, extends a rare invitation to her Bel Air mansion to join several hundred guests at one of her infamous “go parties.”

The go party gathering takes place on the lawn surrounding this huge Bel Air mansion. People on the terrace include an intriguing cross-section of characters: actors, Beverly Hills lawyers, bankers, as well as several noted high profile local scamsters. Our young opportunists take in the scene and work the room, alongside these go party guests and ultra-elite pyramid scammers, as they expectantly await the rules to their host’s curious money game.

Rules: All go party entrants must contribute $10,000 that goes into a metal box, which is then hidden at an undisclosed spot in Los Angeles.

Cryptic clues are left around Los Angeles landmarks (unknown to guests at the start), and the race is on to collect the money (winner takes all).

We then are hit with a quick, humorous collage of the boys trying to hustle up their $10,000 entrance fee.

And, a week later, the go game begins. Action starts on the lawn of the Bel Air mansion, a starting cannon fires (caving in a nearby Beverly Hills roof), and Smith and friends/enemies are off and flying, in every imaginable type of vehicle from Cadillac to golf cart — all leaving with the same first clue in hand.

Throughout the course of the chase they run into a Bob Hope banker/entrepreneur/golfer, a Jonathan Winters eccentric billionaire oil tycoon, and a mysterious villain figure (complete with sleazy assistant), a comely seductress, and a whole host of pitfalls and pratfalls.

Smith and the gang race around Los Angeles and search through the landmarks trying to find clues at:

The Santa Monica Pier (including a car stunt off the end of the pier)

The Polo Lounge (phone mania/slapstick)

The Hollywood sign

The Queen Mary

The Capitol Records Tower (helicopter dog fight)

… and even find themselves searching for a clue at half-time at the traditional UCLA vs. USC football game.

The plot thickens and the pace quickens. The cuts come fast and furious, as the race for this ultimate pyramid prize continues. There are chase stunts galore, complete with cameo shots of stars dropping into the race at various points.

The chase ends with a dogfight over Hollywood and Vine’s legendary Capitol Records building with Smith and company finally landing the money (two million dollars) in the miraculous finale.

Smith, now a celebrity, is then offered huge endorsement possibilities and contracts, to which he says, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m in a big hurry to get out to the track. Talk to my agent, talk to my manager, and talk to my team of attorneys.”

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