If you know me — and you almost certainly don’t — you may wondering how a guy like me came to be associated with Frazer Smith. Here’s how it all started … as far as you know.

It all started with the simple desire to get involved in the 1976 presidential campaign of George Papoon. I think it was his campaign slogan that got me: “I’m not insane.” (How many other candidates can make that same claim?)

Then, something went awry.

Our story begins with how I met the Firesign Theatre, which lead to getting an introduction to Frazer Smith.

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I also have here some of the media coverage Frazer received back in the day, as well as some other items, some of which I wrote for Frazer and some of which I just remember from the show. You’ll find the links on the right.


Why me, why here, why now?

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